Built to be everything you love about online shopping

Our Mission:

Our real mission, the reason Kala exists, is to give shoppers a more personalized experience – one that understands their individual needs to provide the perfect product, at the ideal price, at exactly the right time.

The Kala Story

We believe that online shopping should be a fun, interactive, and social experience – not just another transaction.

Kala’s humble roots date back to when its founders, a father-son duo, were looking to buy a specific item for a home renovation project. They knew exactly what they wanted, but after spending hours paging through THOUSANDS of irrelevant search results and paid ads, they still were left searching to find exactly the right product. And once they finally found it, the only option was to pay the listed price – so how would they know it was actually a good deal? This led to even more comparison shopping and search fatigue…there had to be a better way!

It was in that moment they realized that shoppers everywhere were running into the same problem – whether searching for shoes, jewelry, bed sheets, automotive parts, dog food, or virtually anything else. They decided to create Kala to be everything consumers loved about online shopping…the first truly consumer-driven marketplace.

Let’s get to the good stuff. The stuff that makes Kala different.

Like other marketplaces, Kala offers a large range of great products from leading retailers and brands all over the world. But there’s more:

Stop Searching

When we say it’s all about you, we truly mean that. We want you to be able to find the item(s) you want, without contracting “search tunnel vision”. No more searching through (literally) thousands of results. The light at the end of the tunnel? That’s us.

Shop Your Way

Giving consumers a choice in how they shop, that’s what we’re about. On Kala, you can "Buy it Now" at the sale price, “Get Offers” for specific items from various sellers, or "Make an Offer" on a product to receive custom pricing that fits your budget!

Your Privacy

We won’t sell your data, you will never see any advertisements on Kala, and we don’t allow companies to buy product placement for the items you’re searching for. Instead, Kala returns the products that best match your needs, nothing more.