The Engine That Drives eCommerce

Local features that deliver for consumers and businesses

Kala is much more than software or a platform. It is a unique eCommerce ecosystem that seamlessly connects industry stakeholders and supports them with innovative functionality that takes eCommerce to new levels. And with Kala, eCommerce sites can now offer local sales through merchants based on where a product is needed - which means you can offer near-immediate procurement of products your customers want.



Kala sources the merchants and products for you. No need to spend time and effort prospecting with merchants, sourcing products, or dealing with individual merchant legal agreements.

Order Management

Kala handles order management and passes notifications back to you, so you can keep your customers informed about the status of their order.

Data Management

Kala onboards, cleanses, stores and manages the merchant and product data and images for you. With Kala, you can let go of the biggest challenges facing any Marketplace Operator, and focus on making sales.

Product Breadth

Kala brings an enormous breadth of high quality products from qualified merchants and brands,

with controls to ensure there are no issues related to counterfeit or non-compliant listings.

Marketplace Manager

Focus On Your Marketplace Success Instead Of Data


With Kala, Marketplace Operators don't have to deal with onboarding or maintaining product and merchant data, or suffer the costs of storing all of that data. Simply install Kala and you can start selling high-quality products from any Kala merchant or brand.

Transparent Texture

Buy Local, Scaled Globally

Kala is the only solution that empowers you to support consumers who want to buy local. As a marketplace or brand, you'll help support local communities and deliver products faster. As a merchant, you'll gain new local customers online, while providing them with BOPIS or quick local delivery.

Merchant And Brand Manager

Sell Your Products Everywhere, Seamlessly

List your products on Kala's network of eCommerce sites, without the hassles of managing each of them. With one simple feed to Kala, your products will gain exposure to B2C and B2B customers across sites, with easy order management and new options to drive sales to local consumers and businesses.

Order Management

Kala can interface to your existing order management system through Kala's API, or you can use Kala's Order Management system to receive and process orders, and to send status updates to the Operator so they can keep customers updated.

Data Management

Provide your data to Kala through a single feed instead of having to manage an array of eCommerce sites. Receiving orders and providing status updates is also simplified with Kala. And, onboarding to marketplaces and sites is automated - no mapping, contracts, or integrations.

Retain Control

You provide your products, pricing and inventory to Kala, and the sites that offer your products represent them exactly as they are stored in Kala. You can block sites from offering your products if you choose, and can offer promotions that are immediately represented everywhere your products are sold.

Customer Reach

Immediately gain access to an infinite number of new customers by offering your products through an entire network of marketplaces, online sites and social media stores.


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